Coffee with Matt Dubiel

Meet Matt Dubiel – Gen Xer, Media Expert, Entrepreneur, and father of FOUR.

Chicago Magazine calls Matt “one of the pioneers of Podcasting.  Fast Company Magazine says Dubiel is one of “Social Media’s New Stars”.

You may have seen Dubiel on Fox News Channel, CNN, WGN, or Inside Edition.  If you haven’t heard Matt Dubiel on WCKG in Chicago, chances are you’ve seen, or heard his work and didn’t realize it!


MattDubielFoxNewsFor most of his career, Dubiel has been the “man behind the curtain” developing media and marketing campaigns for celebrities, business leaders, high profile brands and even billionaires.

Adam_Carolla_Matt_DubielIn the beginning, Matt worked mostly with broadcasters and entertainers. But as time passed, and word spread, a funny thing started happening…

Media and entertainment lead Dubiel into a world of internet marketers, speakers, authors, thinkers and opinion leaders.

Before you know it, Matt found himself at a convergence of traditional media and NEW Alternative Media.

Dubiel immediately began using his traditional media experience to catapult his clients’ success in new media, and then flipped the script and began using NEW media to help build his clients’ traditional media empires.

In the early 2000s, Dubiel immersed himself in the emerging internet marketing culture.  He took notice of Seth Godin and Frank Kern specifically and immediately began applying their concepts to his work with radio hosts and advertising clients.

The results were shocking!  The biggest issue Dubiel faced was the unwillingness of the traditional media community to accept these successes and adopt this new mentality.  Radio and traditional media was simply not ready.

These Days Matt Runs WCKG and Owns Q101 in Chicago…

Dubiels Family DucksThese two iconic radio brands are ingrained in the hearts and minds of Chicagoans.

Most of Dubiel’s time is spent consulting a small number of elite clients who want to use Dubiel’s experience and advice to expand their media empire via radio, TV, and social media.

The rest of the time is spent traveling and speaking on the these topics whether it’s on Cable News, Radio, or at live events across the country.  Dubiel is passionate about his work and always eager to share his stories and experiences.

Matt loves his work, but he loves his family more.  He’s a devoted husband and father of four.  Dubiel chronicles his parental and life adventures from time to time via his YouTube Channel.

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